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New guest in our cottage

02.07.2013 y. New guest in our cottage

After the Polish group we already welcome our new guest. He is already in our cottage accompanied by our guide Iordan. Johannes Ferdinand from Germany is a very well known wildlife photographer who pursues bird photography professionally. He has travelled around the globe for extended periods as a wildlife photographer, photographing the avifauna of dedicated habitats, taking pictures to portray birds and their habitats.

New guest in our cottage
Johannes’ photographs are mainly published in national and international scientific magazines including Science, Spektrum der Wissenschaft, Der Falke, in “The Handbook of the Birds of the World” and in other Field Guides and Handbooks.
On the first day of his visit we already managed to take photos of several target brids: Golden Oriole, Booted Eagle, Short-toed Lark, Woodchat Shrike. Other birds that we photographed are Black-headed  Bunting, Lesser-spotted Eagle, Honey Buzzard etc.
Feel free to have a look at some of Johannes photographs on his website here: http://www.bird-lens.com/. Keep an eye on his blog too. He is writing a day by day reports which will be uploaded after the trip. 
Images from the trip are coming soon.
our guest