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A lot of nice photos and birds

11.05.2015 y. A lot of nice photos and birds

A wonderful first photography week of May. Much bird activity of different species. Polish photographers Adam and Greg visited all photo hides near the Cottage in suha reka area (NE Bulgaria). In the Greg's target bird list were of-course Golden oriole and European roller. Fortunately we were able to photograph them just in the second day of the photo trip. So the whole week was a great adventure with a lot of interesting and rare birds, drinking home made grape "Rakia" and great jokes.

Some of the theirs photos you can see here (© Adam Jankowski / Poland) and here (Grzegorz Zieleniec / Poland)

A lot of nice photos and birds

For these few days we had success with more 25 target bird species and we observed about 60 species.

European roller photography
European rollers / © Adam Jankowski

Bee-eater photography
Bee-eater photography / © Grzegorz Zieleniec

Golden oriole photogrpahy
Golden oriole photogrpahy / © Adam Jankowski

Wryneck photography
Wryneck photography / © Adam Jankowski

Turtule dove photography
Turtule dove photography / © Grzegorz Zieleniec

Ortolan bunting photography
Ortolan bunting photography / © Grzegorz Zieleniec