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Renovation of old water dam

16.11.2017 y. Renovation of old water dam

Renovation of an old water dam in a dry area. The main plans are to build a small dike that will keep the water to a low level, which will form a large water shallow suitable for birds. I hope that next spring there will be many water birds like storks, maybe some ducks.

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Helpers in European Bee-eaters

16.08.2017 y. Helpers in European Bee-eaters

A very interesting article about behavior and social interactions of Bee-eaters written by one of the famous Polish photographers visited our photo hides two seasons to photograph these wonderful birds.


Probably no one can deny, that the European Bee-eater (Merops apiaster) is one of the most beautiful & interesting birds in Europe. It is so unusual thanks to not only its colorful plumage but also to well-developed social relations occurring in their colonies. Having helpers is the phenomenon about Bee-eaters.  It is unique among birds and occurs in less than 5% of all bird species.
Well, but what does it really mean to have a helper and what kind of benefits does it cause? Maybe it requires any devotion? Let’s delve into this topic. 

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Preparing new photo hide

07.08.2017 y. Preparing new photo hide

The breeding season is over and we can start working on the new photo hide. This will be something new that we have not done so far in such a region. The area is dry and the only water source is a fountain some hundred meters away where the livestock from the village go to water.
The photo hide will be a 3/5 m. The bird drinking station raised on a platform so that it is at the level eye of the photographer. The water will be powered by a 300-meter tube.
The species we expect in front of the hide are all species that have grassland. Turtle doves, worms, shrikes, buntings, pipits, wagtails, etc.
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Preparing new breeding spots

15.01.2017 y. Preparing new breeding spots

In partnership with the local community and with the help of the mayor we decided to rebuild and renovate the old nesting in the sand walls in the area.

Finally, we have revovated 6 walls and hope Bee-eaters and Rollers will decide to nest in future years.
Maybe it will take time to attract birds, but you never know. I hope that they will take up sand walls in the next breeding season.

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Ready for new feeding season

01.12.2016 y. Ready for new feeding season

Like every year during the winter months we feed songbirds in the area of the house. This year we have delivered around 350 kg of sunflower seeds and 30 kg peanuts.
We feed in 3 locations and each feeder can hold 10 kg seeds, enough for 1 week.

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