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New forest hide in process

18.11.2016 y. New forest hide in process

Due to the great interest to my photo hides I decided to create another in the forest near the cottage. It will be suitable for 4 photographers will also have a small pond in front size 9 square meters which will be suitable for bathroom of birds in hot days. In winter i will use in winter tours where will use it like a feeding station for songbirds.

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Preparing new winter tour

08.07.2016 y. Preparing new winter tour

We are preparing new photo tour related in the winter of Hawfinch, Sombre Tit and woodpeckers. Very often some of photographers do not have time for full week tour or want to specialize only on some bird species like Hawfinches or woodpeckers, so for them this is the ideal winter short photographic tour.

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Renovating nesting soil wall

01.05.2016 y. Renovating nesting soil wall

Renovating old nesting soil wall for Bee-eaters and Rollers. It was very old and the grass and small bushes already atack the soil. I hope the population of Bee-eaters and Rollers will increase.

This is the part from our nature conservation program. In past years we put more 150 nest boxes for Rollers, Hoopoe and small passerins

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New Promotional video

07.03.2016 y. New Promotional video

Here is a short collection of my work like wildlife photographer and videographer. I will try to show you few of my best places for bird photography including also footages of my favorite birds.

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Presentation about Bulgarian Birds and Nature in The Netherlands

30.11.2015 y. Presentation about Bulgarian Birds and Nature in The Netherlands

Promoting Bulgarian nature and bird photography to one of the most active birding clubs in The Netherlands. About 60 members join to my presentation in this rainy night. Thanks to Uden birders for invitation!

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