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Wildlife photographers from Bulgaria exchange banners

08.03.2012 y. Wildlife photographers from Bulgaria exchange banners

Wildlife photography in Bulgaria hopes to benefit from increased interest in it after Nature Travel and Alcedo Wildlife exchanged banners. The two parties aim at attracting more public attention to the charm of wildlife photography in Bulgaria.

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First spring calls

05.03.2012 y. First spring calls

The first weekend of March brings us closer to the breeding season. More and more birds become vocal to announce their territories. Hawfinches, Tits and Thrushes are the first to start. Woodpeckers have also started actively drumming and calling. A pair of Syrian Woodpeckers perched on the tree in front of the tower hide several times for the day. The birds have been drumming and displaying on several trees around the yard and most probably they will start breeding within a range of 50m. This will suggest regular visits to the walnut tree in front of the tower hide later in the season. Once they start breeding, we shall still try to find the nesting location of the woodpecker to increase the photography opportunity of the species.

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Spring on its way

25.02.2012 y. Spring on its way

I recentely returned from a trip abroad and desparately wanted to visit the cottage. It was time to set up some nestboxes for birds and start searching for the territories of breeding birds. It is now the time when woodpeckers and Sombre Tit start  their display. The weather was promising so I quickly started planning the trip. I wrote an email to a friend and we planned a trip to the cottage situated in the North East part of Bulgaria.

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Photo trap setting

29.12.2011 y. Photo trap setting

In the past weekend a colleague and I went to the birdwatching and photography cottage that we give for renting in NE Bulgaria. Amongst one of the things we wanted to do for the weekend was to check how suitable is a site for setting up a hide for photographying mammals. We mainly aim at Golden Jackal but most probably Wild Boar, Badgers and Pine Marten will be also visiting the hide area. In addition to that we intend to set up a a drinking station for birds. The birds we expect here are Sombre Tit, Red-backed Shrike, Black-headed Bunting, Great-spotted Woodpecker, etc. We also expect to have Common Buzzard and Long-legged Buzzard to visit the area but mainly in winter.

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