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Setting nest boxes

27.03.2014 y. Setting nest boxes

We have installed 20 nest boxes for Rollers, about 30 nest boxes for Red-footed falcons. We tried new method for setting Roller nest boxes.
For this conservation activity in area around the cottage, we working in partnership with Bulgarian society for the protection of birds - BirdLife Bulgaria.

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Nest boxes settup

19.03.2014 y. Nest boxes settup

We are ready with all nest boxes for this season. Next weeekend we plan to settup more 30 nest boxes for Red-footed falcons and 20 nest boxes for European rollers. In this activity we are partners with Bulgarian society for protection of birds - Birdlife Bulgaria. We hope that it will increase population for Rollers and maybe the first Red-footed falcons will return to Suha reka area.

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Woodpeckers photography session

20.02.2014 y. Woodpeckers photography session

Great-spotted and Middle-spotted woodpeckers are regular visitors in front of our new hide. This hide is located in nearest oak forest. The photo hide is stil not official in our hide and tour selection, but we hope for this spring and summer seasons we can to offer you.

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First nest boxes are ready

21.01.2014 y. First nest boxes are ready

First nest boxes for European rollers and Hoopoe are ready. In 2014, we plan to setup more than 20 nest boxes for Rollers, about 15 for Hoopoe and 30 nest boxes for falcons.

More about our consarvation activityes you can red here.

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Few test photos from new hide

07.01.2014 y. Few test photos from new hide

The new bird photo hide is ready! The hide is located in nearest forest to the cottage. It will be comfortable for 3 photographers and 2 of them can sleep inside wating for early morning photography.

We will publish soon technical specification of the hide and what birds can we photograph.

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