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New hich-tech feeder

09.12.2013 y. New hich-tech feeder

We installed a new automatic feeder. Feeder can feed even when we're gone and this ensures regular feeding of birds and animals. Feeder is fully automatic, can regulate the time of feeding and amount of food

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New visitor

01.12.2013 y. New visitor

New visitor comes to the forest hide. Wildcat has taught water in the pond and comes regularly. The photo traps will show us what happens.

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The winter is comming

18.10.2013 y. The winter is comming

This winter will feed the birds at 3 locations. We have collected about 100 kg walnuts, about 450 kg of sunflower seeds and peanuts 20 kg. During the coldest winter days will feed them with bacon.
We plan to setup in the spring about 40 nestboxes for red-footed falcons, 30 nestboxes for Rollers and maybe 15-20 for Hoopoe.

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Photo trap settup

09.09.2013 y. Photo trap settup

In late July, we started preparing for the new photography season. We set photo traps near to natural drinking stations in the forest near to the cottage. So we will see the activity of the birds, theirs activity and how often they return. Locations are suitable for many forest birds like Eurasian Sparrowhawk, Hawfinch, woodpeckers, and wild boar, golden jackal, deer.

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Bird Lens Trip results

22.07.2013 y. Bird Lens Trip results

A recent visit from the prominent bird photographer Johannes Ferdinand from Bird-lens provides some of the first results from the four day trip with NatureTravel. 

"The area is a charming countryside which has to offer surprisingly good locations to shoot images of excellent birds". This is what Johannes posted on his blog a few days after his visit to our cottage.

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