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Spring is coming: 1

19.03.2013 y. Spring is coming: 1

Spring is finally here. The first Black Stork was observed the past weekend in the area of our cottage. Regardless of the falling snow the Storks did not mind coming over. Flocks are now seen all around the country. 

Hundreds of Buzzards were also flying across the area of our cottage. Song Thrush and even Robins were seen at unusual places where we don't normally see. Black Redstarts are more common than last week. We are really lucky to have our cottage on the birds migratory flyway. It is great to watch the miracle of migration and the spring acceeding.

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Easy way to access our website www.NatureTravel.eu

14.03.2013 y. Easy way to access our website www.NatureTravel.eu

We have to be always up to date with the advance of new technologies. NatureTravel.eu generated a new barcode for easy access to our home page. The barcode can be scanned with a mobile phone using a Bar code scaner software. It is easy to install it from Google Play applications. Most devices based on Android, Symbian and Apple products have easy access to the application for barcode scanning.

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End of winter: Geese are flying away

06.03.2013 y. End of winter: Geese are flying away

Geese are flying back to the North. This is what we witnessed in the last weekend. Small flocks of mainly White-fronted Geese were on their way to their breeding grounds. This is to mark the end of Winter. Well it was a great season. We managed to get lovely shots of a young Goshawk and a Rough-legged Buzzard that landed in front of one of our hides. We were regularly providing food to attrack them and the results are obvious.

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New location for a breeding Little Owl

01.03.2013 y. New location for a breeding Little Owl

With the coming spring we conducted the first visit to some of the ‘hot spots’ for bird watching and photography around our cottage. This survey produced a new find. Little Owl was observed to regularly enter into a nesting burrow on a sand wall next to a village about 10 km from our cottage. The location is quite suitable for photography and we are looking forward to the breeding process proceeding. Chicks will be a lovely object to photograph especially when fed by parents.

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New hide photography session update

08.02.2013 y. New hide photography session update

The results from the last weekend are quite nice. I spent a few hours in one of our hides to photograph the visitors to the bird feeders there. Not very many birds landed but I managed to make a few lovely images of some common birds. Unfortunately because of other work I couldn't spend as much time as I wanted but still managed to make two photography session with 4-5 hours each.

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