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Photography cottage and birding lodge in traditional style in Bulgaria, Suha reka area

Photography cottage and birding lodge in traditional style in Bulgaria, Suha reka area

The cottage is suitable to be rented by people willing to spend a couple of days by themselves close to nature. We offer a variety of tours main of them are from wildlife and bird photography or birdwatching.


Currently the cottage has two bedrooms, a kitchen and a shared bathroom. In total there are 2-4 sleeps suitable for two persons in single rooms or four people in two rooms with four beds.

birdwatching and wildlife photography guest house in Bulgaria
© Sergey Panayotov

  • The house is equipped with all the needed facilities (oven, freezer, coffee maker, tea jug for hot water, cutlery);
  • Bed linen is provided;
  • Two photography hides in the backyard: photo tower (suitable for 4 photographers) and bird hide by a drinking and feeding station (suitable for 3 photographers);
  • Barbeque: a mobile barbeque is available that our guests can use. Charcoal is certainly provided;
  • No TV is available but we assume that you would want to experience the long warm days and evening out in the yard and enjoy the sounds of wilderness with no cars;
  • Please note that there is no washing machine.

Room of the cottage

Food and drinks

Food and drinks are available to buy from a market at a reasonable price from the neighbouring village about 9 km away e.g. a beer is about 0,5 EUR. There is a 'mobile' shop that visits the village every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday (in spring and summer season only) that provides basic goods such as bread, sugar, coffee (please note that stuff of mobile shop don't know English). Other than this, there is no organised meal provision. Please note that this house is given out  for self catering and all the meals preparation is done in the house by the guests.

Kitchen of the cottage


Summer can be very hot and winters very cold. Average temperatures per season are as follows:

  • Spring (March-April): 5÷15 ºC
  • Summer (June - September): 18÷31 ºC
  • Autumn (October-November): 5÷25 ºC
  • Winter (December - February): -10÷+10 ºC

The months do not correspond to astronomical seasons but to temperature ranges.

How to get there

  • by airplane

There are four airports in the country at Sofia, Plovdiv, Bourgas and Varna, which is the nearest to the area of the cottage. The cottage is about 100 km N of the Varna city.

Low cost companies that fly to Bulgaria are:

Easyjet - flies to Sofia (445 km W of Varna). There are flights from Great Britain (London Gatwick and Manchester).
Ryanair - flies to Plovdiv (390 km SW of Varna). There are flights from Germany (Frankfurt Hahn) and Great Britain (London Stansted).
Wizzair - flies to Sofia (445 km W of Varna), Varna (100 km S of Cottage) and Bourgas (132 km S of Varna). The flights to Sofia are from Spain (Barcelona, Madrid and Valencia Manises), Belgium (Brussels Charleroi), Hungary (Budapest), Germany (Dortmund and Frankfurt Hahn), The Netherlands (Eindhoven), Italy ( Bologna, Rome Fiumicino, Milan Bergamo and Venice Treviso), Great Britain (London Luton), France (Paris Beauvais). The flights to Bourgas are from Hungary (Budapest), Poland (Katowice, Poznan and Warsaw), Great Britain (London Luton), Czech Republic (Prague). The flights to Varna are from Great Britain (London Luton).
  • by car

Reaching Ognyanovo by car is the fastest and easiest way to get there. Please note that there are several villages in the country with the same name so be careful if you google the name. The one of the cottage is in Krushare municipality, Dobrich county and is situated about 50km N of Dobritch.

The easiest way is for you to rent a car for the week stay from any of the following companies Top rent a car, Avis, Hertz, Bulgaria car rental, Car rentals Bulgaria and Europcar.


Here are GPS coordinates: N43.905931, E27.661405. The birding cottage is situated in the village Ognyanovo: a quiet and remote village in NE Bulgaria, North of the town of Dobritch. The village has only about 10 houses which is a precondition for well preserved wilderness.

There is an extensive garden list of bird observations with some of the highlights being Golden oriole, European Bee-eater, Lesser-spotted Eagle, Thrush Nightingale, Red-breasted Flycatcher, Wryneck, Syrian Woodpecker, etc. The full list of birds registered from the garden can be downloaded from here. Every visitor to the house can add his observation in a notebook left in the house.

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What to bring?

There are several important things which you might want to take with you depending upon the services you have selected:

  • repellent: you might not use but it might be a good idea to have one;
  • sun cream: sun is rather strong in summer time especially if you are exposed to all day outdoor activities;
  • hat: for summer or winter as appropriate;
  • sunglasses (if appropriate);
  • binoculars and cameras;
  • Please note that there are no cash machines around. The nearest one is about 50 km away in the town of Dobritch.